About Us

HoneyBell's offers all natural products that are superior in quality and affordable for everyone.

HoneyBell’s Bee Farm is owned by Rob and Angela Bell. It all started in 2013. Rob did not really have a hobby he could call his own. So, when thinking about what to give him for a Christmas gift, Angela came up with the idea of bees! Not an obvious choice, you say? Little did she know that Rob LOVED the bees! His fascination with the bees consumes most of his free time. Now, Rob is always busy working in the hives, making new bee boxes and melting wax, while Angela is busy creating wonderful, new products!

Since they have become bee keepers, their lives have changed immensely. It has changed the way and time they mow their grass, the fertilizer they use on their garden, even the types of plants they grow. They always have to consider how their actions will affect the bees – it’s almost like having babies again! Rob and Angela have come to love their bees – what started out as a hobby has now become a lifestyle.

Bringing God's natural goodness from our hives to your home.

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